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Skiing with snowboard boots is not a new concept, and has been around in the Skiboard community for years. Jerry Feet offers an ejectable solution to skiing with snowboard boots. Unlike other existing soft-boot systems on the market, the inspiration for Jerry Feet is something else! is the online store for the first of it's kind, the Ski Binding Adapter(S.B.A.). SBAs are a pair of adapters, that allow you to mount snowboard bindings onto your skis, allowing you to ski using your snowboard boots!


Whether you're;

  • an individual participating in the growing sport of skiboarding

  • a casual intermediate or aging skier with only the desire to just cruise the slopes

  • a snowboarder who enjoys switching it up with skis

  • a ski instructor that spends most of the day coaching on the hill

  • or simply a skier with wide/flat feet, whom requires a non-painful alternative to ski boots

Jerry Feet has got you covered!

 Our SBAs are designed to provide you with the most cushiest skiing experience. Don't get discouraged by ski boots that don't suit your needs, consider switching to Jerry Feet S.B.A.s today!