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*Boots and Bindings are sold separately*


Jerry Feet SBAs are "adapters", which are the first of it's kind to hit the modern market, and are not to be mistaken with skeletal-frame/boot set-ups that currently exist. 


You can mount any pair of snowboard bindings on SBAs, using compatible screw-patterned mounting plates. This includes Step-in and Step on Bindings!

Also included are Jerry Straps. When strapped in, while wearing your choice of snowboard boots, you can step into any pair of skis or skiboards that are equipped with alpine ski bindings!


This ski-boot-less option does not exclude Dual-Boa Snowboard boots and offers a broad range of different combinations to suit your style!

Jerry Feet - SBA-Model-02 is designed, with key features to ensure safety, durability and comfort.

SBAs are constructed in light weight aluminum frame design, that can stand the test of impact and force.

While SBAs intended use was not meant to be walked on, they are fabricated with traction soles to firmly grip on snow. Ideally, the snowboard bindings stay on skis, while you comfortably walk around in snowboard boots.

Each pair will come with standard 4x4 mounting screw pattern, and includes 4x2 for compatibility to most snowboard bindings on the market. Any snowboard binding mounting plates without these screw-patterns will require acquiring compatible mounting plates.

The most important feature to note, are the heel and toe lugs, that are designed specifically to match those of ski boots. These geometries are to ensure sturdy mounting and safe releases from the skis to prevent/minimize injury.

  1. If you have adjustable ski bindings, adjust the Ski Bindings in accordance to the size of the SBAs that have been received. 

  2. If you have fixed ski bindings, be sure to order the correct matching Mondo Point size SBA.

  3. Be sure to appropriately adjust DIN settings safely. This is required to be done by a professional ski technician.

  4. If you have an existing pair of snowboard bindings currently mounted on a snowboard, remove the mounting hardware to release the bindings.

  5. Determine your binding placement on the SBA by adjusting the angle using the mounting plate.

  6. Mount your bindings using the pre-existing hardware.

  7. While wearing your snowboard boot, strap in to your snowboard bindings.

  8. Slide your SBAs into your ski bindings toe-lugs first.

  9. Step down onto your heel-lugs to engage and lock your set-up

  10. You can also engage your snowboard bindings onto ski bindings, prior to strapping in with your boots.

  11. Cruise the slopes and have fun!

*Please note: The Mounting instructions video on Youtube, features SBA-Model-01. However, the steps remain the same for SBA-Model-02*

Jerry Feet - SBA-Model-02-Machined.jpg

While prototypes were initially 3D printed in ABS plastic for testing, the final product for Jerry Feet Ski Binding Adapters are fabricated in high quality light weight aluminum, using reliable hefty industrial-grade CNC machines.


Our SBAs, combined with snowboard boots and bindings, are equivalent to, or lighter than the weight of the average ski boot. The hollowed cavity reduces weight without compromising rigidity and performance due to it's framed interior design.

Jerry Feet SBA-Model-02 are tested for reliable strength that can withstand higher levels of stress and impact, to ensure safe use of the product during field performance.


Our high quality aluminum constructed Ski Binding Adapters are anodized in a range colors.

Not only does anodizing add color appeal to the SBAs, they also increase the strength and durability of the aluminum.

The surface becomes more scratch resistant, and is also more protected against the elements.

At Jerry Feet, you can choose any color that best represents your personality, or best suits your combination of snowboard boots and bindings!!

Colors Available for SBA-Model-02:

  • Gold

  • Black

  • Red

  • Blue

*Please note: Some marketing material contain previous model revisions*

Jerry Feet Ski Binding Adapters will specifically be based off the Mondo Point size.

Jerry Feet has two sizing methods to consider when placing your order:

  1. Fixed ski bindings - If you will be using fixed ski bindings, you will need to order your exact Mondo Point size, and have your bindings adjusted by a professional ski technician.

    • Any requests for sizes that are not offered in our size-chart below, and/or specific Boot Sole Length requests, will be considered as custom sizes, whereas lead time on orders will be extended.​

    • Please contact us to inquire about custom sizes and/or custom Boot Sole length size requests.

  2. Adjustable ski bindings - If you have adjustable ski bindings, you may order between our SMALL, MEDIUM, and LARGE sizes, that correspond to general snowboard binding sizes.

    • SMALL = Boot Sole Length of 285 - Mondo range from 23.0 to 25.5

    • MEDIUM = Boot Sole Length of 315 - Mondo range from 26.0 to 28.5

    • LARGE = Boot Sole Length 345 - Mondo range from 29.0 to 31.5

Note: Ordering exact Mondo Point size is also appropriate for adjustable ski bindings.​

To determine your Mondo Point size, use the conversion chart below, which is based off of U.S. sizes. 

Use a universal conversion chart to convert European and UK sizes.

  • f​

Boot Size Newest.png

  1. Releasable/Safety. SBAs key feature is that they can eject from releasable bindings during a crash, to reduce risk of injury!

  2. Design. Safely designed to meet standard geometry, to be compatible mounting with Alpine bindings, and to ensure ejection.

  3. Fitment. There is a larger range of snowboard boot sizes that can accommodate larger/wider feet, thicker calves etc. without going through the process of seeing multiple boot-fitters until you may or may not find the perfect ski boot fit.

  4. Reduction of Pain/increased comfort. Traditional ski boots may still endure fitment pain, regardless of seeking a boot-fitter, and can be unbearable to last throughout the day for some. Snowboard boots are cushier and more comfortable.

  5. Light weight. While weight varies greatly from manufacturer to manufacturer, It's been of high interest for our development team to ensure that the combination of snowboard boots, snowboard bindings, and SBAs are mostly not heavier than traditional ski boots, and are equivalent to, or lighter.

  6. Walk-ability. While SBAs are not intended to be walked around in, they are still easier to walk around the lodge, than in traditional Ski boots. SBAs are meant to stay mounted on ski bindings while you take on the ease of stairs and mobility in snowboard boots.

  7. Warmth. Snowboard boots retain heat significantly better than that of traditional ski boots. 

  8. Compatibility. SBAs are compatible with all snowboard bindings with mounting plates with standard 4x4 and/or 4x2 screw patterns. Allowing you a broad range of combinations with snowboard boots and bindings.

  9. Interchangeable. If you're one of many individuals who participate in both Snowboarding and occasionally Skiing, SBAs allow you to interchange with the same snowboard boot and binding set-up between your snowboard and skis.

  10. On the Job. If part of your mountain occupation is to stand around or be relatively stagnant for long periods during the day, you don't need to endure the discomforts in traditional ski boots.

Enter the skeletal/frame-type products on the market, with one particularly known brand, being the current top dog in that segment. We love and support what they’re all doing, we are relatively reaching to some of the same niche demographic. Truthfully, we would like to support the idea of seeing more brands on the market introducing the same concept, and potentially offering them at lower costs in a new class of "recreational ski boots". However, we’re not exactly trying to offer the same product. Some have already mistaken Jerry Feet for also developing a skeletal/frame-type product as well, which is not actually accurate. We’re offering an additional alternative option, by providing Ski Binding Adapters(with power straps included).

Keep in mind, we are not trying to change the minds of the high-performance demographic. To be clear, we don’t believe ski boots suck. Regardless that we expect heavy pushback on any concept of soft boot options for skis, we agree that traditional Ski boots are stiff and rigid for high performance purposes, at the expense of comfort. How could we expect a high-performance skier to sacrifice high performance in traditional ski boots? You don't, that would be silly. That would be like asking a hockey player to use recreational skates, or figure skates at the expense of performance. High Performance(and safety to achieve such high performance), is high priority to that demographic, that soft boots would not be acceptable. And we absolutely agree! However, on the other end of the spectrum, is a demographic that is subdued by the hyper-focus of high performance expert pro skiers all over social media.


What about the beginner/intermediate demographic that are content with casual skiing? Or the now aging group, whom are no longer able to perform at the level they used to. There are also groups whom, even after seeing boot-fitters, still have yet to find the comfort they seek. Some skiers would also desire comfort over high performance boots to perform lower level skiing, just so they can still find enjoyment with just cruising on the hill. Some skiers have jobs that require standing around, or duties where they are moving in much slower paces while teaching and coaching. These are the demographics that go unnoticed, and sometimes become disregarded when approached with comments like “just learn snowboarding instead”. These are the groups that we are trying to reach, who have already made up their mind, that traditional ski boots are not a desired option for them. Going back to the hockey analogy, we're challenging the perspective that recreational ice skaters don't need hockey skates for recreational skating, and we are here to provide that additional recreational option.  


We’re also past the age of what used to be a strong rivalry between skiers vs. snowboarders. Many now casually do both. There is also a growing number of snowboarders, whom are now more intrigued to give skiing a whirl, without wanting full commitment. Providing the option of mounting snowboard bindings onto Ski Binding Adapters, opens up that avenue for snowboarders as well. The recent revival and growing trend of step-on and step-in snowboard bindings, has also brought interest with the idea of mounting them on Ski Binding Adapters.


To conclude, we understand that Jerry Feet is not for everyone, and that not everyone will understand that neither are traditional ski boots.

Putting all the above in consideration, is the reason why we decided to pursue providing an additional alternative option to the niche demographics who want to continue their passion and interests in the ski industry. We are here for you.


The Team at Jerry Feet

Here's our story of what our objectives are here at Jerry Feet, and why we're doing it.

The idea of skiing with snowboard boots has been around for years, therefore, it’s pretty clear that there is an existing demographic out there who share the same desire and interest in the concept. These are the niche demographics that have gone un-noticed, who have become our focus-reach.


The skiboard community has introduced and welcomed the concept for a very long time. Those who have been using soft-boot options in that segment would know better than anyone, regarding to how snowboard boots perform on two sticks on the slope. A popular ski company released an April Fools Youtube video, accidentally demonstrating that skiing on snowboard boots, with snowboard bindings, was quite possible. What’s lacking in that area, are releasable options. The function of ejecting your snowboard boots would be more of a requirement for longer skiboards and skis, to reduce risk of injury.




  1. Stiffer boots is still key to performance. While you can still perform casual recreational skiing with any snowboard boot, it is still encouraged to obtain a stiffer set of snowboard boots if you desire improved response. Keep in mind, a stiffer snowboard boot is still more comfortable than the lowest flex rating of a traditional ski boot, while the lowest flex rating ski boot will still have more response than the most stiff snowboard boot. 

  2. Jerry Straps. For those whom will be using lesser stiff snowboard boots, it is highly suggested to use ski power straps. Each pair of SBAs include a pair of Jerry Straps to aid in sturdiness with snowboard bindings.

  3. Snowboard binding base width. Be cognizant of using a combination of wide snowboard bindings with narrower skis. Snowboard bindings are wider than ski boots and it is more ideal to pair wider snowboard bindings with wider skis if possible. However, SBAs do increase ground clearance, to reduce chance of drag on narrower skis when engaged on an edge, but to a certain limit.

  4. Shorter Skis. Soft boots are best paired with shorter skis. Longer skis are best paired with stiffer boots/traditional ski boots. The longer the ski, the more effort is required to turn. This is also why SBAs would be a great companion for the soft boot Skiboard community, who desire a releasable option. 

  5. Commitment. Be aware and understand that skiing(winter sports in general) is one of the most expensive sports in the world to pick up as a hobby, and can be a deterrent to some. By choosing to pick up winter sports as a hobby, you choose to be committed to acquiring all necessary equipment and the expenses that come with, so you can enjoy your experiences on the hill.


  1. Mounting snowboard bindings with standard screw patterns onto Jerry Feet SBAs, and locking into standard alpine ski bindings with correct DIN settings that have been adjusted by a professional ski technician.

  2. Enabling the user to casually cruise the slopes on their skis using snowboard boots.

  3. Safe ejection from ski bindings during impact under appropriate DIN adjustments.

  4. Opposed to skiboots, increased lighter comfort while walking around the ski resort lodges in snowboard boots, while binding+SBA system remains on the ski.

  5. Manufactured to be reliable and durable - will not break under normal skiing conditions, unless if excessive intentional methods are used to damage product.

Jerry Feet SBAs is not for everyone. However, traditional skiboots is not for everyone as well.

Limited 90-Day Warranty

Ski Binding Adapters(SBA) purchased directly from will be free of any defects and workmanship for ninety (90) days from the purchase date.


Jerry Feet is not responsible for any costs or damages to the SBAs due to normal wear and tear, vandalism, misuse, improper storage or handling, and abuse of the product.


Jerry Feet will be responsible for repair and replacement parts of only defective products and parts that is deemed defective upon assessment by Jerry Feet.


For any questions regarding the warranty please feel free to reach out to Jerry Feet using the "Contact Us" form on

Warranty Details

  1. Limited Warranty only applies to the original purchaser of SBAs from Proof of purchase as the original purchaser must be provided to Jerry Feet.

  2. Customers are responsible for all shipping charges regarding replacement of SBAs and/or of replacement parts.

  3. If you bought your SBAs from third party, our warranty will not apply to those SBAs. 

  4. Normal wear and tear to the SBAs is not covered under Warranty. Any questions regarding to Jerry Feet's definition of normal wear and tear conditions, please contact us.

  5. All parts are subject to the availability of each specific part. Jerry Feet will do our best to match the exact part when replacements are required.

Privacy Policy

It is of the highest importance to Jerry Feet to maintain our customers' privacy. We want to ensure you that all of your personal information is safe and secure when visiting our website, When accessing all the pages and content on, you consent and accept the conditions of our privacy policy.

Data We Collect

We use the information that you provide to us through our website to help with your experience to purchase and receive products from our online store. We use this information for orders, deliver products, payments, services, and to keep your account updated. Please contact us with any questions you may have regarding the data we collect, should you wish to learn more.



WARNING – Skiing and Snowboarding(Including Skiboards) are dangerous sports that involves risk of injury or death, and is hazardous to you and others around you. Please be aware of your skill abilities, physical conditions and limitations.


You will freely and voluntarily assume all risks, should you choose to purchase SBAs and participate in such winter sports. Jerry Feet is not responsible for any injuries you may sustain while skiing/skiboarding.


If for any reason SBAs are being used by users whom did not purchase the pair from Jerry Feet(borrowed or lent out), Jerry Feet is not responsible for disclaimer and liability information not being passed on.


Such hazardous risks can be reduced, but not eliminated, with certified ski classes and lessons. Risks can also be reduced by always following the rider’s responsibility code at all times while skiing the mountain.


The Jerry Feet Ski Binding Adapters is made for alpine skiing & skiboarding only, and shall not be used for any other activity.


Jerry Feet suggests you check the equipment properly upon receiving products. Check fitment, secure mounting, and check each screw for proper tightness prior to use on a mountain. All alpine ski bindings must be adjusted to the SBAs by a professional ski technician.


Make sure to read all Product Descriptions, Warranty, Legal, Disclaimers, Return and Refund Policy Information provided on, before making a purchase and taking the SBAs on the mountain.


For more information or any questions please feel free to reach out to us at any time.

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